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Vyna Bond
Vinyl Repair Adhesive
VYNA BOND is a strong, flexible vinyl contact adhesive, when used correctly, bonds vinyl to vinyl.  VYNA BOND in convenient and easy to apply, can be brushed or spread, is fast drying and has excellent resistance to softening from plasticizer migration. VYNA BOND will  repair pool liners - even under water, repair patch included in kit.  Flexible, won’t become brittle. 
High-Strength formula is stronger than the original vinyl.
A strong, flexible vinyl contact adhesive, for use on waterbeds, pool liners/covers, tarps, tops, awnings, tow-behind inflatables, waders, and outdoor gear.
Truly a unique product, Vyna Bond is perfect for use on any vinyl surface. Included is the adhesive itself and a clear vinyl patch sheet.
For inflatables, simply cut the patch to size, apply a small amount of Vyna Bond to it and press in place over the area to be repaired. Dries in 2 hours. For larger repairs use a more generous portion and allow 8 hours drying time.
Vyna Bond, even works on pool liners under water! Just apply the adhesive to the patch, fold the patch in half onto itself. Underwater, quickly apply to area being repaired, press firmly and remove all air and water bubbles. No more draining the pool to make permanent repairs!
Available sizes: 29.3 Tube Carded with vinyl repair patch, 355 ml can, 3.78litre can, (18.9litre and 189litre drum to order only)
Available Colour:   Clear 


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 Vyna Bond is a vinyl repair adhesive used to repair swimming pools and inflatables.  Repair spa covers, awnings, luggage.  Repair holes in canvas, tarps.