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VLP®  typical uses:

Repair Vinyl furniture, awnings, tarps, vinyl sheeting, luggage, rain wear, boots, dishwasher racks, etc.
  • Because of its bonding and tensile strength, VLP® also acts as a "back up" to sewn vinyl seams when applied to the backside of the seam in production.
  • Repair pool/spa covers.
  • Repair Luggage
  • Repair awnings
  • Repair Tarps/covers
  • Repair inflatables
  • Repair outdoor gear
  • Some customers have used VLP to repair school bus seats, snowmobile seats and barbers chairs! If it can work in these environments, it can work for you! 






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VLP 29.3ml Tube - Clear
VLP Vinyl & Leather Repair 29.3ml Tube Colour ClearView Details
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VLP 355ml Clear
VLP Vinyl & Leather Repair Adhesive 355ml Can Colour Clear.View Details
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VLP 3.78ltr Clear
VLP Vinyl/Leather Repair 3.78 litre Can - Colour Clear. View Details
$359.00Add To CartView Details